On the guest lecture by Prof. Dr Maryna Negrey (Collegium Helveticum ETH Zurich, Switzerland) for students of the ‘International Economics’ educational programme

08.06.2024 | 21:53

On May 24, 2024, Professor, Dr. Maryna Negrey from the Collegium Helveticum of ETH Zurich (Switzerland) delivered an online lecture titled “War and Agriculture: An In-depth Analysis of the Impact of the Russian Invasion on the Ukraine’s Agricultural Sector and the Path to Post-War Recovery” at the invitation of Professor Marianna Kichurchak from the Department of Economy of Ukraine.

Professor, Dr. Maryna Negrey actively researches the agricultural sector of Ukraine’s economy and has served as a visiting professor in the Group of Agricultural Economics and Policy at ETH Zurich, which consistently ranks among the top educational institutions worldwise and in Europe.
The lecture was attended by first-year students enrolled in the “International Economics” educational programme at the Faculty of Economics at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. This guest lecture was delivered as part of the course “Economy of Ukraine”.

During the lecture, students gained valuable insights into the state of agriculture and its structure in Ukraine’s economy, the principal challenges and risks posed by war, agricultural policy measures in the face of military aggression, and state agricultural export programmes. Furthermore, Professor, Dr. Maryna Negrey highlighted the position and role of the Ukrainian agricultural sector in the global grain market and its significance for global security. She also presented to the students the international research programmes she is involved in, focusing on the agricultural sector of Ukraine and its post-war recovery.

The guest lecture was interactive, with students posing questions concerning the challenges and future perspective of the European integration agenda for Ukrainian agriculture, as well as the development of farming, the land market, organic farming, and other topics. Students of the “International Economics” educational programme had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the major trends and losses in the Ukrainian agricultural sector during the war, and to evaluate its significance for the global economy.